Karen Vizueta

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Why I love Karen's Cardio Strength class?  It has to be the Spiderman push ups and Superman stretches!!!  I think she must be a Marvel Comic Super Hero!!! Karen's class is always a fun, high intensity workout!!! She is my fav!!


Two years ago I would have never take class-you talked me into it and I love working out so much more! Thank you!


Karen has transformed my body in ways that I never thought possible… She is so motivating and challenges me to perform to the best of my ability at all times. Even at 6 am I look forward to seeing her! She always puts her clients first; I truly don’t know what I’d do without her.

– Gretchen Berra

I have been working out for years and it wasn’t until I started taking pilates mat/ pilates reformer with Karen that I found what really works for my body. I have seen the most amazing results because of Karen. She is patient and really pushes you to want to look and feel better about yourself and your body. She makes you want to work harder to achieve results. Karen is extremely positive and during every class (no matter how early or late) she always has a smile on her face and is very motivating. She has helped me really feel good about working out!! I have highly recommended Karen to anyone who is looking to get in shape!!

– Lisa C.

Karen is living her passion.  She was born to teach pilates. I also owe her big time.   She  has given me my waist back which I thought I'd never see again. Love, love, love her class!



Working wout with Karen has been a breath of fresh air. I worked out with various personal trainers over the years, at many different gyms and it always felt like a chore.  So inevitably I've fallen off the horse, something I was unhappy about. I just assumed I was someone who hated gyms and workouts. A friend told me about Karen, swearing her personality made working out a joy. I was doubtful. I soon learned that my friend was right Karen relates to her clients, learns what their strengths and weaknesses  are and she steadily pushes them towards their goal. She challenges me every week, but it is her kind attitude and positve environment that have me excelling under her guidance. I've already shed 20lbs since we began our training session just four months ago and we still have a ways to go. For the first time in my life, I am hooked on working out, scarcly go a day without doing something, and I am confident that every goal I have is completely attainable. I've never felt so good about mysefl and so motivated! Thank you Karen!

-Nicole Sullivan

When a friend asked me to join her in a Pilates Demo I was a little reluctant.  I was not workout out regularly and was worried it would be too strenuous and complicated.  Well, that was over three years ago. Right from the start Karen made me feel very comfortable and I couldn't wait for my next session.  Her constant encouragement, clear explanations and demonstrations of each movement made it easy to follow along.  Under Karen's guidance I have been abel to greatly improve my balance, core strength and flexibility.  Her dedication and patience in helping others with their fitness goals is remarkable.  She takes an interest in everyone no matter what their fitness level and is always ready to offer up different options for each exercise to suit individual needs.  The atmosphere in her sessions is upbeat and professional and she has a unique way of making everyone feel successful.  Whether you are just starting out, or a veteran of pilates, Karen is the right one for you.

-Trisha Turiano